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Accelerate your digital transformation with our DevOps service - From development to deployment, we optimize for speed, efficiency, and innovation!

In addition to software development services for our brands, we offer modern DevOps solutions for testing and deployment of software in live environments.

We create environments in Docker architecture for development and testing using GitLab CI/CD structure. For live environments, we perform installations and DevOps integrations according to the preferences of our brands.

We perform many checks automatically during code transfer between environments. We perform automatic checks in areas such as code quality analysis, code standard control, and W3C control using SonarQube.

DevOps enables us to work faster and more securely, and our DevOps team is here to help you. In today's high-paced environment, there is not much time for changes to be made live, so DevOps is of vital importance. It enables us to move quickly in operations such as releasing versions and protects us from human errors in the process.